They’re actually designed for something as far taken off lazing on the lounger near the pool

I had always believed that prism glasses were just for reading a magazine or watching television in bed comfortably- however i was wrong!
You’ve probably seen them yourself. Those strange looking spectacles copa mundial loved by watching people TV or reading in bed. Maybe you have often seen them being worn by people lounging beside a pool, reading a magazine or newspaper.
Bed Prism Glasses or Lazy Glasses, as they are often called, are an aid to relaxation. They are utilised mainly for relaxing during sex reading a book or watching television or sometimes by patients during recuperation from illness or injury, where long-term bed rest is required. Definitely not for something that might be called a Game, apart from watching the football on TV, during sex, perhaps!
I hadn’t even considered they might possess a use in something more strenuous than lying down and making up ground with that latest bestseller.
But then, recently, I had an unexpected after i discovered some strange-looking prism glasses with their prism mirrors ‘the wrong way up’! Looking even odder than bed prism glasses, if that’s possible, these unusual bits of eye-wear are called Belay Glasses.
Why would anyone want glasses that ‘look upward’?
Anybody who owns a set of bed reading glasses may well be wondering ‘ as was I ‘ who would wish to have a pair of glasses that turned their angle of view upward rather than downward? I understand that in some situations this can be a benefit. Having to lie face-down for medical reasons is one such use. However this is, hopefully, quite a rare and temporary situation.
There’s, however, one group who find these kinds of glasses ideal for their far-from-lazy activities!
Belayer’s Neck
One of the major issues with Rock Climbing is neck strain due to having to look upwards for the following hand-hold. Craning the neck backward to look up for any period of time can be quite tiring and in contrast to watching TV in bed, in which you would crane your face forward, you cannot easily stop what you are doing, mid-climb, and go deal with your neck muscles. You need to keep climbing until you reach a place of safety where one can ease the discomfort. The strain after a long climb can be quite severe indeed. This painful condition is called Belayer’s Neck inside the rock climbing fraternity.
So who are Belay Glasses for?
Unlike conventional Prism Glasses the prism mirrors in Belay Glasses are fixed ‘looking up’! They’re actually designed for something as far taken off lazing on the lounger near the pool, in the sunshine and reading a magazine, as it is easy to get. They are, I learned, specially designed for Rock Climbers! Yes, individuals who, rather than spending their leisure time lying in bed watching TV, prefer climbing mountains for relaxation instead!
Why Belay?
Belay may be the word, originally nautical, which is used by Rock Climbers to explain anything that can be used to secure climbers to one another or to the rock face chaussures de foot pas cher, for safety. Belay Glasses are noticed being an aid to rock-climbing safety too. Hence the name.
Look out above!
Being able to easily keep an eye on what’s happening above you, to look at for falling rocks for example, could be a very great help to safety too. Without Belay Glasses the climber would need to keep glancing up and may not always look up in the right moment. With one of these glasses a view easy and upwards is presented to the climber at all times. Just a slight eye movement is all that is required to see above or forward. Anything untoward occurring above them would be instantly spotted and appropriate action could quickly be taken.
Not looking upward would also reduce the chance of the climber getting dust in their eyes. Something that could easily lead them to release their hang on the rock or rope.
Belay glasses will also be made to be operated single-handed, so allowing the climber to keep another hand free for keeping the rock-face. Which, in my opinion, can only be considered a excellent thing indeed!

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